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About Us

Star Books UK (est. 1975) specializes in the supply of foreign language publications to libraries across the UK. Our sister company, Star Publications Private Ltd, is the largest supplier of Indic and Asian language books in India. Globally, Star Publications has established a widespread export network of books in all major Indian & Asian languages to public libraries and foreign language suppliers all over the world, including the eminent library of Congress, for over 60 years.

Initially, Star Books UK specialized in Indic and Asian languages, but over the years in response to the changing demographic of the country, we have diversified into Middle-Eastern, African and European languages and now stock over 39 languages. We pride ourselves as being your ‘one-stop shop’ for all your foreign language needs.

We have a range of associates from countries in Eastern Europe to Asia, with whom we work to deliver quality services. We regularly attend book-fair from Frankfurt to Delhi, along with hosting an annual exhibition for libraries and readers. This, face-to-face communication with regional suppliers, publishers and readers allows to gauge their tastes and requirements.

We work closely with our clients and suppliers to define specifications and develop realistic and appropriate timescales. In most instances, our extensive supply chain and contacts within the industry are more than sufficient to ensure that specifications and timescales can be easily met. However, shouldany potential fulfillment issues arise; we are able offer a variety of alternative options to our clients through our network.

Why Choose us
Star Books
Indic Languages Mainstream European
Languages Eastern European
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We offer the widest collection of languages in comparison to other suppliers.

  • Indic languages - Bengali, Gujarati, Hindi, Panjabi, Tamil, Urdu, Assamese, Marathi,Nepali, Malayalam
  • Mainstream European languages - French, Italian, Greek, Portuguese, Spanish, German
  • Eastern European languages - Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian, Russian, Polish, Latvian, Lithuanian, Czech, Slovakian, Romanian
  • African languages - Somali, Afrikaans

Star Price Guarantee - We guarantee the best prices.

  • Free RFID Tag Activation
  • Jackets at 60p/book
  • Free Delivery
  • Free Shelf-Ready Servicing
  • Fixed Conversion Rate

MARC Records - Basic MARC records provided free of charge and made available to download from BDS.

  • We are EDI compliant and offer quotes and invoicing.
  • Our booklists are individually compiled by language specialists and are updated monthly.
  • Additionally, online catalogues are available for download from our website.
  • We offer supplier and showroom selection. Supplier selection involves us conferring with a local language specialist in order to provide the most relevant selection of books.
  • Extensive stock of over 15,000 books.
  • Our sister company, Star Print-O-Bind, prints dual language books and other publications for the UK market.
  • We closely observe the issue figures to provide effective service.
  • We believe in building and maintaining long-lasting customer relationships.
www.foreignlanguagebooks.co.uk is not be responsible for typing or photographical mistake if any. Prices are subject to change without notice.